Friday, November 17, 2006


This is James Willingham, the Chairman of Auto Retailing Today. What is he doing in my blog? He's telling you that I need some HELP!

A Year and A Day is back in stock at Amazon.
The holidays are coming up.
There is only one review posted thus far.

...does anyone see where I am going with this?

This is what I want NEED from you:
  1. BUY BOOKS. A Year and A Day makes a great gift! It is PERFECT for an in-law, a friend, a secretary, a cousin, teacher, officemate, person you hardly know, etc.
  2. POST YOUR REVIEW! I KNOW that just about every single one of you reading this via LiveJournal (34 people at last count!) has read the book and really enjoyed it. I can count on at least two or three or ten of you to post your opinions, right? The more reviews the better I look to the Average Joe (or Average Joanne) that is cruising through Amazon looking for gift ideas.
  3. If you like to indulge in's "ListMania," please think of including me on one of those lists. (Unless it is a list of "Books that SUCK by people I despise," then don't worry about including me, I'll manage. ^_~)
  4. I am open to suggestions for otherwise marketing the hell out of the book. I should have some signings coming up here in a little while, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for changes in the Event Calendar at my website!
Thanks everyone for all your continued support and dedication to me and my work. You all mean the world to me and I am very lucky to have such great fans that are also wonderful friends!!
Just think of the fabulous bragging rights you'll have when I get to be super-famous!! You want that right? "Oh yeah, Sara M. Harvey, she's cool. She's a friend of mine, ya know."

And don't forget that if you want a personalized autographed copy of either version of the cover, just drop me an email at my website and I can have that out to you ASAP!

Thanks everyone! Let us make this season a success!!!!!!!!!!

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