Saturday, October 10, 2009

Back in the swing...or swing and a miss?

Life can be a cunning little minx. Especially with long-awaited honeymoon vacations in Ireland involved. I left a few days after I made my last post and returned about a week ago- 4 days of that spent dragging myself through jetlag and attempting to convince my body that we are in Tennessee now, not Ireland. A hard-won victory. And a bitter one at that because it means I am no longer in Ireland. Not that there's anything wrong with Tennessee, I love living in Nashville. It just isn't Ireland, savvy?

So this weekend was the first attempt in almost a month to get back in the writing rhythm. So far, I am attempting to knock out a short story for an anthology request (currently 2 story requests done, three to go) and intermittently let me brain wander into Music City plotting. I think this chapter might flow into a nice flashback travelogue through Ireland. Yes, that'll do nicely. Now with BONUS! actual experience driving around the countryside. The things I'll do for my craft!
I'll report back once I made a little bit of headway.
And in case anyone is wondering, YES, the Guinness IS BETTER over there.