Sunday, December 14, 2008

A writing weekend of much success!

My husband and I both finished our books this weekend! Of course mine was a lot easier and begun not so long ago, but I finished up The Labyrinth of the Dead, the sequel novella to The Convent of the Pure. I also put down the first paragraph of the third and final (?) installation of the little novella series which is going to be called, The Tower of the Forgotten!
I also got to take a look at the interior artwork for the book. And WOW is all I can say!!
As soon as I can finagle some permission, I might be able to share a sneak peak with y'all.

My husband finished his 146k fantasy novel about a young man turned assassin to avenge his parents' deaths. There is a lot of intrigue, blood, sex, battle, gods, mages, and warring religious factions. And don't think I find this interesting or noteworthy simply because he's my husband. I fell in love with him because of his writing...his charm and good looks were also helpful in that.

And since were were so productive with writing so early on this weekend, we tackled painting our hallway and hanging some art! Tomorrow more art will be hung when the hallway has had time to dry completely. It is a lovely shade of golden-peach which complements the darker antique gold of the front room/kitchen and plays nicely against the pale blue-green of the bedroom.
Happiness abounds in our literary love-nook!