Sunday, November 15, 2009


This weekend I have managed to bring my new version of Music City up to 10k. I reused some stuff like the prologue and the chapter about Boston, but that was still about 5k of new material this weekend.
By the end of the week, I should be up to the word count of the old version and can move forward with the plot.
Thusfar I am roughly a tenth of the way into the book and a tenth of the way into the plot- working in side characters and much more setting and subplot. Versus the other version where I got about 25% through the plot at 15k and hit a wall because I did not like where anything was going- so contrived and just insincere did it feel to me.
So, onward and hopefully upward!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The going is sometimes slow

So I lost a bunch of steam for MUSIC CITY at about 15k. I just wasn't feeling it. I wasn't liking the main character. It just wasn't gelling for me.
My husband, an awesome author in his own right, is really great for bouncing plot off of. We had a long talk about where I wanted to go with the story and worked backwards to the beginning and sorted out some plot.
So things got a little reworked and rewritten and tweaked and torqued and things are going more smoothly now.
Not that I have had any time to work on it since last week. Yay midterms. I have what I would consider the best Day Job in the world (I teach fashion) but several times a year it eats my life.
Yesterday, my day was lost to a weird migraine that wasn't. Just stayed in that dizzy slightly nauseated pre-migraine state for 24 hours. Stress, it's a killer.
Today, the plan is to go throw on some clothes and take Javert, the German Shepherd mix we're fostering (on our own now since we've been abandoned by all local rescues), off for an adventure- the long pleasant walk over to the local pet supply place for some rawhides and a training clicker.
Then this afternoon it is off for a writing afternoon at Crema's!
I always think so much more clearly over there and it gives me great momentum for coming back home and being productive.

Off for adventure! And writing!