Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Costuming Shout-out!

For all you good costumers headed out to CostumeCon 2008 in San Jose, CA, I offer for you a few links of interest!
  • Lacis- The quintessential destination for any historical costumer! No TV special or website does it justice. They feature a fantastic book selection, hard-to-find patterns, boning, grommets, hat blanks, millinery supplies, and an entire museum of antique through vintage through retro items for sale.
  • Stone Mountain and Daughter- Not too far from Lacis, Stone Mountain and Daughter is a GREAT resource for wools, brocades, velvets, and whatever else they find to sell at low-low prices!
  • Dark Garden Corsets- If you are going to be across the Bay in San Francisco, visit Dark Garden for a fun afternoon of corsetry and coquetry!
  • BustleDress- A St. Helena vintage costumer's paradise! They are an online establishment, but if you are bringing a group, I would recommend giving a call and seeing if you can arrange a tour!
  • A listing from Sewing San Jose!
  • Aladdin's Lamp- A theatrical costume supply store. Make-up, masks, fun stuff!

And don't you DARE leave San Jose without seeing:
Drop me a line if you want more information! I am still investigating my ability to go to the Con, and I will happily lead tours to various adventurous locales!!