Monday, January 28, 2008

A moment of real life blogging

2007 swept into the sunset like an errant whirlwind, leaving me dizzy and catching my breath.
In 2008, I have made a concerted effort to straighten out my hectic schedule and allow for some more "down-time" where I am doing stuff just for me to recharge my soul batteries.
And here it is, end of January and I am rushing to finish yet another ambitious wearable art project, start about 4 new novels, and foster an extremely energetic 5 month old puppy.
There went that New Years Resolution. At least I am losing weight! ^_^

But going into February, I have one time-sensitive sewing commission to finish and reams of words yet to be written, but in my own time and from my own mind.
I full intend to blog more and craft more (especially since I have just learned to knit this month!) and stress less.
So, I'll keep you appraised of how that all goes.

Until then, this is my foster pup, Eowyn, dozing on the futon with Guinevere, the Drama-Dog.
For those new to this, Eowyn is the blondie, a Yellow Lab/German Shepherd cross. Guinie is the ebony to her ivory and is a Border Collie/Blue Heeler cross. They get along about 90% of the time, unless there is food involved. Then Guinie will get snippy. Or if there is attention being given to anyone else besides Eowyn, in which case she becomes the very figure of a jealous, demanding bitch.
But they are both just angels when they are sleeping!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Because there is far too little bookishness to speak of, I shall distract you with costumes!

"Lux Arumque,"Christmas at Belmont, 2007
Schermerhorn Symphony Hall, Nashville, TN
Original costume design by Franne Lee. Construction and additional design by Sara M. Harvey.

Much Ado About Nothing, Belmont University's Inaugural Performance in the new Troutt Theatre, September 2007.
Original costume design, Franne Lee. Assistant costume designer, stitcher, shop manager, Sara M. Harvey