Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Apologies to my LiveJournal syndicated readers!

I apologize for Blogger republishing my entire blog back to LJ. I switched over to Blogger Beta and evidently it got carried away!

We'll just think of it as a splendid trip down memory lane, okay?


tongfengdemao said...

NP about the postings. I thought some of them looked familiar. :-)

How do you like the Beta? I considered it, but it said I couldn't change back and the last beta I tried (yahoo mail) was more trouble that it was worth until they get the bugs out. I noticed the blue header is in Chinese on my computer and it won't change even though I change my encoding from auto to western. My Blogger (old style) is normal, so I don't know if it's the beta or some glitch I have.

I found your book at Woohoo! Ordering it today.

Sara M. Harvey said...

Well, one of the best things I am finding with the beta is that it has the same log-in as my Google Accounts, which is nice. And the publish time for posts seems to have gotten much shorter.
I haven't had any weird language glitches...yet. *crosses fingers* So, thus far it has been very good.
The only oops was the republishing to LJ in its entirety. Yeesh.

Yay for ordering the book! ^_^
Let me know how you like it and please consider this my personal invitation to share your opinion with the world via when you've finished reading!