Friday, September 15, 2006

A YEAR AND A DAY restock and new projects in the works!

First off, I spoke to my managing editor (who happens to be one of my most favorite people EVAR!), and she told me that she had been in contact with Ingram Book Distributors and that 13 more books were en route to their warehouse.
"Only 13??" Yeah, I thought that, too.
BUT that means two things:
  1. Fewer copies in stock gives them a better chance of selling through them and not hitting me with returns.
  2. Fewer copies in stock also means that they will sell out fast agian and will need to be reordered and restocked. Even at 13 books at a time, if I consistently sell out, that will send a BIG MESSAGE to the publishing world.

So, keep those orders coming! If you have already ordered and been told you'll have a 4-6 week wait time, look for that to be shortened real soon. Amazon and other online retailers should have their stock updated by next week!

Holidays are coming! Books make a GREAT GIFT! You want them signed? Send me an email and let's work out a deal! I just might be in your area soonly. Have you checked my EVENT CALENDAR on my website?

Also, don't forget to get reading and put your reviews up there! Amazon and Barnes and Nobles both have spaces for reviews! Don't you want to be the first person ever to review my debut novel??

And on the front of new projects...why YES that is an early 15th century embroidered Italian purse! (actually, it looks like a late 16th/early 17th century piece but the figures are dressed in early 15th century costumes...but I digress....)

I bring you a picture of Italian elegance for one reason, and one reaosn only! It ties into my newest fiction project tentatively titled "Safehouse" which begins in 1397 at the advent of the Black Plague and follows a group of "kept women" (*ahem!* really high class prostitutes) as they are exhiled from their beloved Venice to the Duke's hunting estate.

Part historical romance, part in-depth character study, it is a story about determination and finding not only survival against tremendous odds but joy and triumph as well.

I'll keep you posted as to my progress. (Um, like when I have a decent title picked out....) Currently I am at 2,400/95,000 I have a ways to go yet. ^_~

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