Sunday, September 10, 2006

A blog for the AGES!

Ok, no, not really.

But welcome to my semi-quasi-professional blog of writing goodness.

Tea will be ready shortly.


tongfengdemao said...

What is

A Year and a Day (Mass Market Paperback)
by Sara M. Harvey (I'm assuming this is you)

about? Amazon was not particularly informative and the discussion debated whether or not it was a romance. I'm not big on genre romances, but a story that is more than just a romance appeals to me. My mom likes 'em both ways.

BTW I found you via Elizabeth Donald's LJ

Sara M. Harvey said...

Yep, it's me!

It is definitely not a "genre" in nothing "thrusting", "heaving", "dripping", nor is there any "love pudding."

The "romance" is truly a love story between two angels experiencing New York City with brand new eyes.

Hop on over to my website:
for an excerpt from the beginning of the book, as well as this LJ post with another snippet.

I really do think both you and your mom will really enjoy it!

Thanks for the note!