Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A YEAR AND A DAY back in regular online stock

All online retailers are restocked with A Year and A Day!
So head on over to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Books-a-Million!

Don't forget you can also walk into any of your favorite booksellers and make a request there!

Next time, updates on the writing process of my upcoming projects!

But for now, YAY! Books are back in stock! Let's sell them out again!


Sucellus said...

I went into a barnes and noble last week and tried to order one of your books and they told me that it "must be out of print". I told them that it wasn't and asked if they could order it. They said no.

Sara M. Harvey said...

Barnes and Noble is very strange that way. When stuff is out of stock, they can't find it in their system AT ALL.

If you went today, they could order it. In fact, the Barnes and Noble at Opry Mills just ordered three. ^_^

Sara M. Harvey said...

As in today being Septmeber the 26th 2006.