Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!!

Whether you celebrate, or not, I hope everyone is having a magical day today! And I hope that Santa left YOU something special, too!

Me, I choose to take a bit of on Eponine route...Matt and I had quite the Solstice party with creole pasta (not the least bit traditional, but eh...details!) and a bottle of fabulous Shiraz red wine. We couldn't stay up to meet the sunrise of a new year (damn day jobs!!)...but we did enjoy the quiet joy of the longest night and in the style of the Kushiel books of of our friend, fellow author Jacqueline Carey, we wished one another joie!

And here it is, Christmas morning and I am back in my beloved California. After a whirlwind of European-style feasting, revelry, and gifts last night, I have come home to my childhood house to the traditional day-after presents and cookies for breakfast with my parents. Well, with my Dad. My Mom is a nurse so she is at work today, bringing Christmas cheer to the entirety of the hospital, I am sure! She is a little Eponine-like, herself! But she'll be joining us for Christmas dinner, which will be much more subdued than the delightful chaos of last night and will round out the two-day event that Christmas has always been in my family.

So, have a merry day everyone. Good luck and good cheer! I drink to you, all of my loving and loyal readers! Thank you all for selling me out on Amazon so many times that they have taken to calling my distributor and publisher and asking for more books!
I love you all, I hope you know that. YOU are what makes this all worthwhile, YOU are what keeps me going, YOU are who I am writing for. I want to bring joy and wonder to YOUR life and I never want to let YOU down.
Happy Holidays to YOU. Yes, YOU!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and may JOY be yours all the days fo your life!

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