Friday, September 18, 2009


Oh, neglected blog is neglected.
Let's see, since spewing my venom about Old Navy, they gave me my discount and a $20 gift cert. I see more shopping in my future. ^_^
Plus, a shiny apology from a manager over their credit division.
At school, midterms rolled into registration into finals and I am ded.
Thusly, little work has been done on Music City.
I am currently sitting at Crema, my coffeeshop of choice, staring out the front window from my favorite seat, watching clouds and traffic and trying to clear my mind enough to work on something. Had a busier morning than intended with much dog-drama- nothing terrible, but Eowyn bolted and got sliced up by Bad Cat across the street, like literally had one of his claws wedged into her eyebrow. After cleaning her up, we had an hour's training on front door etiquette.

Last week, I put together a story to submit for an anthology and sent another anthology request out to be beta-ed. I have three more antho requests to fulfill. I also editted The Labyrinth of the Dead and can now move forward on The Tower of the Forgotten. Where does this leave Music City? No idea. Certainly not forgotten, but re-prioritized based on things with specific deadlines- as I have been with the agent I have been speaking to.
This is not uncommon in the writing process. You might start out something with the best of intentions and then get de-railed by a more pressing project. Not more important, just more time sensitive.
The trick is to manage time to get it all done, something totally doable, even if it includes a sort of spur-of-the-moment day-trip to Huntsville on Saturday to meet with Baen editors in the hope of making a favorable impression so they might consider taking on Seven Times a Woman, the book that fans love but that just cannot find a home. *sigh* I am already popualr with many Baen readers, but have yet to come to the attention of the editors. And said Baen folks are hatching a plan. I'd be afeared, but really, it can't be any worse than the two botched introductions I have already had inflicted upon my professional person.
And now, it's been twenty minutes of writing and none of it marketable fiction. So, you know what that means....

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