Sunday, May 03, 2009

Some string and bits of fluff

In news of the surreal, A Year and a Day is currently selling for $160+ on Amazon's marketplace!
For serious.
I had a hard time believing it myself. Could it be rumors of a reprint that has been driving the price up like this? No idea.
It is flattering, however.

Secondly, my newest work, The Convent of the Pure, is currently being featured as the Sunday Freebie over at Apex. They will take answers to the posted trivia question until Tuesday night and announce the winner on Wednesday.

And third, I am still stupidly spinning my wheels trying to come up with what to work on next. Putting together a couple of short pieces that were requested of me and then I will dive back into the idea pool for a new novel. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be delighted to hear them. Thusfar, been banging my head against the wall. Repeatedly.

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