Thursday, March 05, 2009

By popular demand!

So, I am told there aren't enough posts about my current progress with The Convent of the Pure.
Well, the next few days are being spent in release party prep. I have final arrangements to arrange- like securing prizes for the costume contest for example! (Currently looking at Tea for Two at the historic Hermitage Hotel as the first prize!)
Touching base with the Syrens of the South about their set and out of town guests coming over!
The release party happens on March 14 here in Nashville.
The following weekend is MidSouthCon and the weekend after THAT is my very first The Convent of the Pure signing!
Leading up to this, I have an interview published in this month's issue of Apex Magazine.
So, when does that leave me time to work on the edits for book two and the first draft of book three?
Good question!
The answer is: tomorrow.
I am hoping to get some time and work through the bulk of the edits tomorrow, perhaps over coffee and an awesome veggie burrito.
Wash. Rinse. Repeat on Saturday.
Things at the day job are winding up, we're on week nine of eleven of the quarter and then I will have two weeks of NOTHING TO DO BUT WRITE. Which will be made of win! Win and sleeping.
Better get to it, then!

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