Thursday, May 15, 2008

A new novel for you!

Hey there fair and gentle readers,
Great news!
Apex Books will be publishing my next work, a horror novella (that needs a title) about half-angel demon-hunters in a Steampunk universe.
Melissa Gay will be my artist for both the cover...and interior line art!

I am thrilled to pieces and just damn honored to join the ranks of such great authors such as Cherie Priest and Jen Pelland and Michael Burstein and Geoffry Gerard and Steven Savile and Lavie Tidhar and Brian Keene and way too many more to name!

Thanks everyone for all their love and support during this little whirlwind project of mine and look for it to be in print in Spring 2009.

We need a theme song....


Nomi said...

Yay! Congratulations!

(just FYI, it's "Burstein")

Sara M. Harvey said...

That's the last time I trust Spellcheck! Thanks for the heads-up!

Jennifer Pelland said...


Welcome to the Apex Books family!

Sara M. Harvey said...

Thanks, Jen!

This is all your fault, you know! ^_~