Saturday, August 06, 2011

*tap-tap* Is this thing on?

So when last I left this blog, it was December 30th 2009. Three days later I would come down with one thing after another and end up in the ER with swine flu on January 21st 2010.
Because we'd met our insurance deductible, we decided now might be a good time to have that baby we'd been talking about. So we did. Which put me in the hospital during January of 2011.

But this thing about this blog is that it is nearly impossible to link it to, well, anything. Unless anyone has some ideas because I am sure at a loss here.

I am mostly over at LJ which I can easily link to Facebook and Twitter...and while this blog was great fun, I totally can't handle two blogs and everything else (writing, networking and, y'know...BABY) we'll have to decide what to do about that.
But that's not a choice for tonight.
Tonight, I just wanted to dust this one off and see how she ran after a couple of YEARS almost of quiet.....
Not so bad, actually.

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